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Beats for LEASE/SALE 

*(Read Terms and Conditions at bottom of page)

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PLEASE READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS: All purchases/downloads on this page (Beats for LEASE/Sale) is for a LEASED copy of a stereo MP3 File that can be ran thru a DAW/Multi-Track Recorder and vocals added. As a courtesy, we will ask for a BASIC breakdown of the bars of the track to help sequence/tailor for you. This and the whole process will be done via email communication. Since these tracks are LEASED to multiple Customers/Artists at any one time, there is NO Exclusive Rights to theses tracks unless purchased. YOU WILL ONLY HAVE 72 hours to download your purchase, so do so immediately. You will have to repay/repurchase the track again after the 72 hours download time expires. The LEASE time is for 365 days from date of purchase or a cap limit of 3500 copies sold or downloaded in any combination (Digital download, USB drives, Vinyl, CD's, Cassette Tapes, etc). We (MECH1TRAX, DJ MECH 1, MECH1, BloodShot!, HJ 6'5", Lord Fader the 12-Bit Monk) remain the owners of the tracks within this website. You can contact us via email at if you are interested in purchasing Exclusive Rights and Ownership to the track of interest (SALE). Customer assumes the responsibility of clearing ANY and ALL samples in the tracks whether Beats for LEASE or SALE. You are paying for our part in the creative work, process, time and services, not for the other artist's intellectual properties, you must clear that yourself. WE WILL NOT CLEAR SAMPLES FOR YOU. By downloading you acknowledge that you have read these terms and conditions and agree to them in sound mind. NO EXCEPTIONS OR REFUNDS. 


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