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Welcome to DJ MECH 1's Instrumental Beats Catalog

(Featuring beats from DJ MECH 1, BloodShot, HJ 6'5" & Lord Fader the 12-Bit Monk)

Interested in some unique, phat, underground Hip Hop beats for your demo, mixtape or next upcoming single or album? Your at the right place. Select the tab below and start scrolling through the Batch Folders which contain 12 beats within. Select how ever many beats you are interested in. Make a note of the Batch Folder number and the track name/number you're wanting to lease or purchase. Contact us through email at (we usually respond with 15-60 min) with your selection and we will email you the forms necessary to complete the lease or purchase. All beats are already sequenced with Chorus and Verses. We will ask for a BASIC breakdown (how many verses, bars per verse and bars for chorus) to semi tailor/sequence it for you. Due to helping structuring/tailoring the track, availability and other considerations, it is easier to serve you and stay in communication through the purchase process via email. We also offer Single & Album Cover Artwork. Let us help you with eye catching graphic designs. We greatly appreciate you allowing us this method of personalized service to you and we are honored for your business. Remember you can also support the cause by donating a little coffee money. 

Peace, ~DJ MECH 1

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